Reminder to myself Think about changing the name to GoHyaku Toshi.

This will be the home for my homebrew setting. Whether or not I turn it into a fullblown campaign is still up in the air.


Gohyaku Kettei, or “500 Decision” in English instead of pretentiousness, is a fantasy setting that takes place on an alternative Earth thousands of years from the present day. Mankind has reached a pinnacle of achievement and the Galactic Accords has seen fit to make itself known and integrate humanity into the greater fold of the universe. This transition is not without strife, as the Galactic Accord has set loose a mutagenic spore across the planet’s surface to change the biology of Earth into something more alien and amenable to the Accord. The result was a complete collapse of human civilization and a surge of terrifying monsters. Since that time however, humans have adapted and are making headway into new avenues of study with psionics and the arcane. The humans of Earth have 500 years to re-conquer the planet to be deemed truly worthy of joining the Galactic Accord. However, there are people who strongly disagree with the Galactic Accord’s brute force methods and strange motives; people who seek to shore up power and weapons to fight back the coming alien incursion.

I need an image for my mind’s eye

Visually the world is something fantastic and strange, but not completely alien. For inspiration tell Google images to show you pictures by Frank Frazetta, Roger Dean Yoshitaka Amano and Akihiro Yamada.


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GoHyaku Kettei

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