Arcane, Technology and Gameplay

Arcane Casters are the last of the gifted to appear, and the least changed in this setting. Arcane magic is a ever-present force of the universe, some people refer to it as meta-physics and it’s all based on enforcing your will onto the universe to get an effect like setting buildings on fire and summoning swarms of tentacles. Practitioners of the art come in two varieties: those born with it and those who aren’t.

If you’re born with Arcane might then the power of magic flows through your veins. These are, of course, sorcerers. Sorcerers are a special breed of mutant that transcend all life, human and alien. They’re practically one with the universe, and this causes them to feel haughty and special for some reason, which is ridiculous because while they may have great power they have no real way of focusing it, and have trouble engaging in the finer details of Arcane Casting.

Those who aren’t born with it are wizards, magi and alchemists. They spend several years, decades and lifetimes just studying the way the universe works. They have an understanding of magic devices and alien technology which gives them an edge. Their pursuit of knowledge is highly regarded on Earth and within the Galactic Accords, and because of this Arcane Casters are given carte blanche to further their studies and learning as they benefit everyone and rarely do Arcane Casters become heavily engaged in the politics of Law vs Chaos.

Magic usually comes about when an Arcane Casters taps into the universe using magic devices that focus their willpower. Sometimes a magic effect can come straight from an object with no will applied however (in the case of wands and staves.) Simple explanation: if it says Component: M in the rules, then a wizard in this setting will be pulling out a mechanical cube, or a weird remote instead of cat’s hair or a newt’s eye.

And that’s all there is to say about that. Simple, huh?

Arcane, Technology and Gameplay

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