This young woman has a slender frame and a beautiful face, yet there’s something vaguely unnerving about her appearance. Her skin is unnaturally pale, her hair is dark, and each of her eyes is a different color.

Long ago when humans were still learning the art of magic from the Psionics a sect of Druids and Witches set out to find a way to create a spell that would make humans who were immune to mutation. The Changelings were the result of these experiments. All Changelings are resistant to mutation, but at a high cost: the spell to create a Changeling is costly, and takes one month to cast, only works on women and all Changelings become barren. The experiment was a failure.

While the cost to become a Changeling is high, Changelings gained another ability aside from resistance to mutation: the ability to mutate at will. A Changeling can shift her appearance to any other humanoid creature that she desires. In her default form, a changeling’s hair is typically dark with abnormally pale skin. A frequent but not universal trait of changelings are their mismatched, differently-colored eyes. Changelings are largely distrusted or outright hated by people of Lawful alignments.

The Changelings have no Galactic Accord factional counterparts.

Racial Traits

  • +2 to one ability score Due to their mutable nature, changelings gain +2 to an ability score of their choice.
  • Senses: darkvision (60 feet.)
  • Medium: Changelings are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Enhanced Speed: Changelings have a base speed of 35 feet.
  • Racial Skill Bonuses: +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks.
  • Mutation Resistance: Changelings are naturally resistant to mutation and are completely immune to mutation spells, conditions and effects. Changelings also gain a +2 saving bonus against spells of the alteration school.
  • Changeling Mutation (Su): A changeling can alter her appearance to that of any other humanoid creature (male or female). She does not change her racial traits or ability scores in doing so. Should the Changeling wish to mutate to pass herself off as someone else she gains a +10 bonus to her Disguise check to do so. This effect lasts 1 hour/level equal to the Changeling’s class level.
  • Languages: Changelings begin play speaking Common. Characters with high Intelligence scores can choose any bonus terrestrial languages of their choice (i.e. English, French, Spanish, etc).


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