Outlaws and thieves best describe the Gunslingers. Hidden deep underground are the ruins of the ancient human civilization, and where there’s civilization there’s weaponry. The gunslingers live deep underground, digging up the treasures and history of the old world to show and remind the humans of the surface to remind them of their identity. Gunslingers follow their own code based on the old ways of a mythic human being known as John Wayne. Gunslingers see their firearms as a precious and limited resource of reverence and respect, the loss of a single weapon or piece of ancient technology weighs heavier on a Gunslinger’s heart than the loss of a child. Not just anybody can become a Gunslinger. Then again, not everybody would want to.

The firearms available to Gunslingers are all basic firearms. There are advanced firearms, but these are only used by Inquisitors from Location 545 (see the Tabernacle.) The basic firearms used by Gunslingers were created and developed underground sometime during the 65th century.) Gunslingers have access to workshops, and even a few factories where they produce their firearms and weaponry. Any factory may develop advanced firearms if they were to get their hands on it and reverse-engineer it, and a few Gunslingers may one day possess enough knowledge and do enough study to develop something akin to an advanced firearm.


Gunslingers can be any alignment, but most are Chaotic or Neutral.


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