Nothing is more important than the creation and spread of the Humanist path. The Inquisitors are here to ensure the safety and purity of humanity remain in-tact for when the Galactic Accord arrives. The Inquisitors live in the Tabernacle in Antarctica and keep an ever vigilant watch over the Earth. The Inquisitors are sent out on secret missions to make sure no one will get in the way of the Galactic Accord and the Lawful. The average person will take one look at an Inquisitor and assume that he is a bounty hunter, ranger or hit-man, but the few who know the truth keep their mouth shut. They know who to rightly fear.

The Divine Power Source

Inquisitors work miracles with a strange and unknown force known as the Divine Power Source. This source is strengthened by bonds, tradition and togetherness tied up into a single philosophy or mantra. Inquisitors are all followers of the Humanist tradition, and must choose Humanist as their faction. Because of this Inquisitors may pick from any domain when choosing their domains.


All Inquisitors are of the Lawful alignment.

Racial Restriction

All Inquisitors are of the human race and of the Humanist faction. This is not absolute however: should am Inquisitor fall prey to mutation while outside the Tabernacle he will cease to be an Inquisitor officially and must be replaced. Inquisitors who have undergone mutation are forbidden from entering the Tabernacle, but they do not lose their powers or abilities. It would not be strange of for an Inquisitor to mutate and join the forces of Chaos out of anger or spite, however such an Inquisitor would be the first of his or her kind. If an Inquisitor does join the members of Chaos then the alignment restriction is lifted. Keep in mind, that deserters and renegades of the Inquisitorial squad are seen as a threat, and any PC who rejects their Lawful alignment will be hunted mercilessly.

Skills (Knowledge: Factions)

Inquisitors replace the skill Knowledge: Religion with Knowledge: Factions, which covers general knowledge of all factions. Inquisitors also gain the feat “Knowledge Factions Specific” for whatever faction they choose. This feat confers a +5 power bonus to all Knowledge: Faction rolls pertaining to the Cleric’s specific faction.


Inquisitors can choose from any domain or inquisition of their choosing, though most if not all follow the Thought Subdomain and the Order and Blackpowder Inquisitions.


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