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Psionics, Lore and the Galactic Accord
Divinity, Culture and Alignment Charts
Arcane, Technology and Gameplay
The World

Races and Classes
Psychic Divine Arcane Martial
Factotum Cleric Alchemist Barbarian
Psion Druid Bard Cavalier
Wilder Inquisitor Magus Fighter
Oracle Sorcerer Gunslinger
Paladin Summoner Monk
Witch Ninja
Wizard Ranger
Special Rules, Magic and Items

Special Rules
About Magic

Faction Name Race/School Alignment Domains
Ophan Aasimar Lawful Air, Charm, Glory, Healing, Luck
Ra Drake Lawful Good, Law, Nobility, Scalykind, Strength
Kurma Dwarf Lawful Artifice, Community, Earth, Glory, Protection
Eldrassil Elf Lawful Animal, Knowledge, Liberation, Magic, Plant
Iwa Gnome Lawful Darkness, Destruction, Repose, Trickery, War
Laka Halfling Lawful Water, Madness, Sun, Travel, Weather
Budai Orc Lawful Animal, Community, Glory, Repose, War
Seraph Tiefling Lawful Destruction, Fire, Madness, Magic, Rune
Human Humanist Lawful All except Death and Void
Akeldama Necromancy Chaotic Community, Death, Destruction, Liberation, Repose
Transhumanism Ancient Technology Chaotic None
Terra League Anti-Accord Chaotic None
Void Nothingness True Neutral Death and Void
The Silver Adventurer’s Guild Neutral Party True Neutral All Domains
Saturnalia Neutral Party True Neutral All Domains

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