Every race in the Galactic Accord is represented by a faction, and it stands to reason that if the humans should be inducted into the Accord they will need their own faction as well. Creating a faction is not an easy or simple process however, as every race must be boiled down to five essential domains that best represent the characteristics of that race. The monks who live in the Tabernacle study day and night to determine just that.

Monks spend a lot of their time studying, training their minds and bodies or in deep meditation. Their goal is to find out what it means to be truly human. Because of their seclusion and limited number seeing a monk outside of the Tabernacle is an extremely rare occurance, but it does happen. When a monk leaves the Tabernacle usually it’s on a journey of discovery, to find some new aspect of what being human means. Some monks join parties and bands of adventurers for such outings, but may come and go as they please.

Thanks to advanced training, study and extreme discipline the monks are able to preform incredible feats of strength. While they may appear small or frail on the surface, in combat the monks are a force to be reckoned with.


Any lawful

Racial and Factional Restriction

All monks are of the human race and of the Humanist faction. This is not absolute however: should a Monk fall prey to mutation while outside the Tabernacle he will cease to be a monk officially and must be replaced. Monks who have undergone mutation are forbidden from entering the Tabernacle, but they do not lose their powers or abilities. It would not be strange of for a monk to mutate and join the forces of Chaos out of anger or spite, however such a monk would be the first of his or her kind. If a monk does join the members of Chaos then the alignment restriction is lifted.


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