The History of Mutation

In the world of GoHyaku mutation is a part of life. In the early days the mutation clouds were thick enough to block out the sun and would rain for days. Spores spread across the landscape like a viscous fog and those who entered would come out radically different, if they ever came out at all. Nowadays the clouds do not appear unless invoked via spell, and the spores have all but dispersed. That said, mutation is still a threat and any traveler would do well to keep a sharp eye on the weather, or face mutation or death. The mutation fogs have mostly settled, but changes in temperature and moisture can pick up and carry any spores that have long settled into an area (spores can remain active almost indefinitely.) Likewise, while the Tabernacle no longer produces mutation clouds they have been known to appear via the evaporation of lakes filled with mutagenic properties or invocations created from wayward sorcerers.

The How of Mutation

Mutation can change any living thing into a hybrid of Earth and foreign flora and fauna. This change is rapid and oftentimes fatal. Sometimes however, mutated plants and animals are simply born that way. Depending on the severity of the mutation, a living thing can simply change and interbreed with other creatures mutated in the same fashion. A Raksasha, for example, may breed with other Raksasha. Creatures of two differing mutations however, cannot interbreed.

Mutation also comes with a few surprises, namely the ability for humans to use psionic powers. This rarely comes from having direct contact with mutation rain or mutagenic spores, and instead, as a random side-effect of eating plants that have mutated in some way. Not everyone gains psychic powers by eating mutated plants however, only an incredibly small amount of creatures are blessed by that effect. Furthermore, most humanoids that become Psionic are born that way nowadays, instead of through random happenstance. Once a creature has become psionic they may pass the psychic gene along to their children.

Mutation is a new affliction for GoHyaku. The stats for the affliction are outlined below.

Type disease, contact, ingested or inhaled; Save Fortitude DC20
Onset 1d10 days; Frequency 1/day*
Effect *If the target is non-human then they take 1d4 Con, Dex and Str damage and gain fatigued. This effect persists until the target dies. Only the powers of Wish and Intentional Mutation may reverse this affliction. If the target is human roll on the following table:

1 The target gains 1 psionic PP
2-30 The target dies
31-95 Roll 1d10 on the Random Race Chart
96-100 The target is cured

Random Race Chart:

1 Target becomes an Aasimar in 1d4 weeks
2 Target becomes a Drake in 1d4 weeks
3 Target becomes a Dwarf in 1d4 weeks
4 Target becomes an Elf in 1d4 weeks
5 Target becomes a Gnome in 1d4 weeks
6 Target becomes a Halfling in 1d4 weeks
7 Target becomes an Orc in 1d4 weeks
8 Target becomes a Tiefling in 1d4 weeks
9 Humanoid of DMs choosing
10 The target gains 1 psionic PP

As you can see, the mutation condition is very serious, and so should be handled in a very serious way. Talk with players who wish for their PCs to become mutated and decide if you feel a more story-centered approach would be better. So long as the mutation adds to the fun, excitement or drama of your story should you consider this.

Intentional Mutation

Sometimes a faction may decide to transform one of it’s members into a non-humanoid race, for a myriad of reasons. In this case, the Intentional Mutation spell will be used. The effects are two-fold:

  1. Intentional Mutation can be used to choose which non-human a character transforms into without the random threat of the Mutation Affliction and…
  2. If Intentional Mutation is cast on a human afflicted by mutation but before the onset period is over that human will safely transform into whatever race the caster’s factional alliance is to; i.e. should a human afflicted with mutation be brought to a gnome temple before the onset period ends she can be cured of the affliction, but permanently transformed into a gnome.

Intentional Mutation
School Transmutation; Level cleric 0, druid 0, adept 0
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF
Range touch
Target one living creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

Upon casting this spell, the target assumes the race of whatever lawful faction the caster is allied with. This spell cannot be used by non-Lawful creatures, and does not work on non-humans. If the caster is Lawful but has no faction then roll on the Random Race Chart.


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