If the Clerics are the voice of their factions then the Paladins are the fists. Paladins eschew the ferver and zealotry of their factions and defend them at all costs. Paladins come in many shapes, sizes, creeds and backgrounds, and many paladins are non-humans. It is customary for many paladins to undergo mutation so that their outer-appearance is closer to that of the genetic progenitors to which they owe their factional allegiance. Paladins of the Chaotic factions also tend to be mutants, as nothing fuels hatred of the Accord more than becoming a mutated freak.

The Divine Power Source

Paladins work miracles with a strange and unknown force known as the Divine Power Source, similar to the Clerics. This source is strengthened by bonds, tradition and togetherness tied up into a single philosophy or mantra. For the Lawful, every faction has their own based on the traditions and cultures of the Galactic Accord. And a new faction, Humanist, is slowly being developed at the Tabernacle. The Agents of Chaos draw from a similar power source, the growing uneasiness and distrust of the Galactic Accord, and the fear of what the true goal of the Accord might be. This growing fear is not as collected or focused as the traditions of the Lawful factions, but it is strong nonetheless.

Picking A Side (Alignments)

Choosing a faction is an important decision, as it will affect how others perceive you. Firstly you should choose an alignment. In GoHyaku your alignment is nothing more than your political affiliation, and all that matters is whether you are Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral. Good and Evil do not mean as much, and breaking a few Lawful rulings will not change to you Chaotic unless you are caught. It is the opinions of the Galactic Accord and your fellow humans who determine your alignment, not any deities. The alignments are arranged thusly:

Law vs Chaos

  • Law: Pro-Galactic Accord; the Galactic Accord may be strange with strong ways, but they are the future for all mankind.
  • Chaos: Anti-Galactic Accord; not fooled by the Accord’s lies and know an alien invasion when you see it.
  • Neutral: You don’t feel strongly either way, or you’re transitioning between one side and another.

Good vs Evil

  • Good: You seek to bring everyone together and would gladly sacrifice your life for your cause, friends or family.
  • Evil: Life is hard and the only one you can really count on is yourself. You see the value in others but when push comes to shove you’ll do whatever it takes to survive.
  • Neutral: You’re an average person. You’ll save the occasional person in trouble, but you won’t die for just anybody either.

See Divinity, Culture and Alignment Charts for more information.


Both sides of the struggle between Law and Chaos have many factions within them. It is your faction that will determine if you’re a Paladin or Antipaladin. Characters who choose Lawful factions are Paladins while Chaotic factions harbor Antipaladins. Neutral factions do not have any Paladins or Antipaladins and cannot be chosen.

Note: The Humanist faction is not available to Paladins or Antipaladins.

Faction Name Race/School Alignment Domains
Ophan Aasimar Lawful Air, Charm, Glory, Healing, Luck
Ra Drake Lawful Good, Law, Nobility, Scalykind, Strength
Kurma Dwarf Lawful Artifice, Community, Earth, Glory, Protection
Eldrassil Elf Lawful Animal, Knowledge, Liberation, Magic, Plant
Iwa Gnome Lawful Darkness, Destruction, Repose, Trickery, War
Laka Halfling Lawful Water, Madness, Sun, Travel, Weather
Budai Orc Lawful Animal, Community, Glory, Repose, War
Seraph Tiefling Lawful Destruction, Fire, Madness, Magic, Rune
Human Humanist Lawful All except Death and Void
Akeldama Necromancy Chaotic Community, Death, Destruction, Liberation, Repose
Transhumanism Ancient Technology Chaotic None
Terra League Anti-Accord Chaotic None
Void Nothingness True Neutral Death and Void
The Silver Adventurer’s Guild Neutral Party True Neutral All Domains
Saturnalia Neutral Party True Neutral All Domains

Skills (Knowledge: Factions)

Paladins replace the skill Knowledge: Religion with Knowledge: Factions, which covers general knowledge of all factions. Paladins also gain the feat “Knowledge Factions Specific” for whatever faction they choose. This feat confers a +5 power bonus to all Knowledge: Faction rolls pertaining to the Cleric’s specific faction.


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