The alien race known as the Khalashtar possessed the original psychic genome, and though their empire collapsed over a millennia ago the genetic code for their psychic power remained; passed on from race to race and generation to generation until the potential was brought to humans with the arrival of the Tabernacle and its mutation spores.

Psions carry with them an incredibly weight and responsibility tied with who they are. All intelligent beings have expectations of them and it can be a heavy burden. The Psions that don’t spend their time communing with the universe and teaching others at the Tabernacle will sometimes drift to adventuring and helping others. Their knowledge of the world around them and their canny ability to sense danger make them valuable allies.

3rd Party Resources

Information on the Psion class can be found in the 3rd party supplement “Psionics Unleashed” by Dreamscarred Press. I may do my own 3.5 conversions if I can find the time.


Psions can be of any alignment, though most are Lawful or Neutral.

Skills (Autohypnosis)

Psions have access to a new skill known as Autohypnosis. Psions use this skill for checks involving the mind, willpower and memory.

Skills (Knowledge: Psionics)

Psions have access to a new skill known as Knowledge: Psionics. Psions use this skill for checks involving psionic lore.

Skills (Knowledge: Factions)

Psions replace the skill Knowledge: Religion with Knowledge: Factions, which covers general knowledge of all factions. Psions also gain the feat “Knowledge Factions Specific” for whatever faction they choose. This feat confers a +5 power bonus to all Knowledge: Faction rolls pertaining to the Psion’s specific faction.

Mental Augury

All Psions can cast Augury 1/day using the Psion’s level in place of the Cleric’s caster level.


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