Psionics, Lore and the Galactic Accord

So, tell me precisely what’s going on…

About right now on some alternate and very unfortunate version of Earth, an alien pyramid is landing in Antarctica. In a few hours it will release an army of golemic droids who will scour the planet for knowledge and information which will be brought back and stored within the great pyramid. In about 10 years, once that’s completed and the beings of Earth have learned that it’s virtually impossible to get into the pyramid, much less destroy it, the pyramid with released a mutagenic cloud, or spore. This spore contains the genetic information of just about every advanced civilization in the universe and it’s very potent.

This turns out to be bad for a lot of life on Earth, who will be somewhat nonplussed as their carefully crafted civilization will collapse almost overnight. It’s not all bad however, as society, people and human life will mostly be replaced by violence, monsters and madness. Nature abhors a void.

Within the chaos of the early period of global transformation will come three new breeds of beings, the first of which are of course the psionics. This was all planned from the beginning, as the psionics begin to tap into their latent psychic energy and reach out into the cosmos. They’ll find something most strange there, the “why” of their current predicament. The psionics will learn that humanity had reached a pinnacle of understanding and technological excellence, and as such the human beings of Earth have been offered a chance to co-exist with the rest of the intelligent life across the galaxy, and even universe. However, in order to do so they must learn and adapt to the ways of the Galactic Accord, the great big organization that created this kerfuffle. If humanity can retake their planet and thrive within the confluence of Earthling and alien mutation within 5,000 years then humans will be offered a chance at living among the stars. If they fail, well… The Galactic Accord are somewhat vague on that point, needless to say it’s probably not cool.

The second set of beings to come into existence will be the Divine Casters. These are lorekeepers of alien culture and society, your Clerics, Oracles, Druids and other divine classes. They are humans touched strongly not only by mutation but also in the ways of the Galactic Accord. The Divine Casters take knowledge from the Psionics and use it to further the goals of themselves and others, to shape life on Earth and attempt to reclaim society from chaos. There are many races and factions and almost all of them are in league with one another. There are no gods in Gohyaku Kettei, instead it’s the groups of aliens that are followed, and their traditions studied. Bahamut isn’t a godlike being so much as a race of aliens known as the Bahamut. Alongside the alien factions is the growing faction of humans known as the Humanists. The Humanists are a young and secretive sect who mostly live in the pyramid at the south pole where they meditate and try to get to the heart of what it means to be truly human. One day when they have answered that question the true power of the Humanists will be unlocked. Lastly there are groups who distrust or outright hate the Galactic Accord and have somehow found a way to tap into their own brand of Divine power. For more information on this subject please see the following section on Divinity, Culture and Alignment Charts.

The third and final group of beings that will come into existence are the Arcane. The Arcane will be gifted with the ability to tap into the power of the universe, and the technology used by the Galactic Accord. Some spend years in their studies unraveling the mysteries of the universe and meta-physics, while others are infused with it’s ever pervasive presence and can craft wonders and spells with the slightest thought. The Arcane are important, for when the Galactic Accords come it will be the Arcane who will know how to operate spacecrafts and other machinery. Magic items and spells are all crafted by the Arcane, and only they know how to truly work these machines. Some of these devices take on a physical form, such as magic weapons and armor, while others are invisible and accessible only in the aether by working the Universe, these produce effects known as spells. You can read more information on the Arcane in the section known as Arcane, Technology and Gameplay.


The Psionics are the first of the gifted to appear, and are among the most important. Psionics are born, not made, and the aberration appears seemingly at random. The Psionics in the early days learned how to communicate telepathically, and it was through telepathy that the Galactic Accord first made communicative contact with Earth. The Galactic Accord willingly gives human Psionics everything they need to survive, from writing books on how the various alien cultures work to making magical artifacts. The Psionics in GoHyaku serve as educators and guides. Every piece of lore used by a Divine Caster was first recorded by a Psionic, and every school of magic practiced by the Arcane Casters was formed by one. If the leader of a village isn’t a Cleric or a Paladin then it is most likely a Psionic.

The Psionics don’t wield the power of groups as the Divine do, nor the power of the universe like the Arcane. Instead, the power of the Psionics comes completely from within. You can always tell that someone is a Psionic by the absence of pupils, which is the Psionics’ trait mutation. Psionics are respected and revered all across the globe.

Psionics, Lore and the Galactic Accord

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