All of the races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and a few extra are available as options for playable races in GoHyaku. Humans are the most populous but mutations do exist. All non-human races are considered mutants. In the early days these mutations were caused by mutagenic clouds that whipped through the land, but now most non-humans are born from non-human parents. For example, two Humans who are exposed to a mutagenic cloud and become dwarves who later breed will produce dwarven children, not Human.

Non-humans still are in the minority, and as such elven cities, dwarven mines and goblin freeholds do not exist. Instead non-humans are accepted in all cities, the greater world is too dangerous for people to worry about whether or not to trust the green guy with the tusks. Your standard bullcrap fantasy racism doesn’t exist in this setting. In addition, most non-humans choose to become adventurers and heroes, either out of a sense of duty or listlessness. Furthermore many adventurers are non-humans as exposure to mutagenic spores is far more common in the dungeoneering careers than the baker who stays in town all day. Lawful characters may also belong to factions that require their members to undergo mutagenic transformation to attain higher ranks in the group.

If a non-mutated PC comes in contact with a mutagenic spore they have a chance at contracting a mutation. Humans tend to mutate into forms that suit them. For example people who are agile and have a love of animals tend to mutate into Elves, while someone who’s boisterous and friendly may become a Dwarf. This isn’t always the case however, as someone can mutate into a form they ill-suits them. For more information on this see the Mutation section.

Of all the races however, the Orcs, Elves and Dwarves are the closest genetically to Humans. Because of this Humans and Orcs, Elves and Dwarves can give birth to half-breeds. These are known as Half-orcs, Half-elves and Half-Dwarves (or Mul) respectively.

There are also races that are very different genetically from humans. When a particular spore of this type comes into contact with a living organism the outcome is drastic. Usually the host will reject the mutation and the host will die off, but when this is not the case horrible monsters are created. Many monsters are mindless beings that wander the wilderness like common beasts, but there are also intelligent monsters made from mutated people. These beings are incredibly dangerous and mad. Some monsters will invent games and puzzles to distract themselves from the pain of being inhuman; Goblins mutter and sing songs, Minotaurs create mazes and kobolds hoard treasures. Other beasts believe that by consuming the flesh of humans they will gain back some of their humanity. Monsters are so numerous and deadly that defeating them and rooting them out of hiding is humankind’s top priority.

Playable Races

The following races are playable. See their individual sections for rules. Next to each race is their factional counterpart as well as the Domains associated with that faction.


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