The Galactic Accord

The Galactic Accord is an ancient governing body that exists out in space. They do not have one central location, but they do call the Milky Way Galaxy their home. The most spoken language of the Galactic Accord is Common, and the most populous and powerful races are the Ophan, Seraph, Eldrassil and Ra.

The rules presented here are for games that are run in the 500 year period before the Galactic Accord arrives, however, with the proper materials a game could be run after the Galactic Accord has arrived, maybe even hundreds or thousands of years after. If you are interested in running this campaign, or for some reason the PCs live long enough to see the future here are some important bits of information you might want to know:

The Galactic Accord was founded only a few millennia ago by the Kalashtar. The Kalashtar were a race of psionically gifted individuals who had the ability to communicate to one another mentally. This allowed their society to advance by several thousands of years within only a few decades and soon the Kalashtar were moving about through space.

The Kalashtar first made contact with the Seraph and Ophan, both intelligent races existing very close to the Kalashtar homeworld. The Kalashtar developed the ability to grant their psychic powers to both races, and soon all three races were communicating with one another across vast distances of space. All three races came together to form the Galactic Accord.

The Ophan developed the power of Divine magic after discovering that the universe responded positively to togetherness. The Seraph, meanwhile, discovered the inner-workings of metaphysics and Arcane magic was born. The Kalashtar set out for new planets, and discovered the Eldrassil, Ra and Iwa.

That’s when disaster struck.

In communing with the universe the Kalashtar made a very important discovery: life is the universe experiencing itself. All life is connected via a realm known as the Outer Plane, the immeasurably large subconscious of the universe. Life also brings intelligent life, and intelligent life is deadly to the universe. Beings who can imagine themselves and existence can also understand the absence of these things, and from this Void is born; entropy and the death of the universe. The Kalashtar looked far into the future and discovered that all of existence would one day die. However, there was a theory that should all life be united under one banner and brought together, the universe would never die, and would live forever. The Kalashtar came together and decided it would be the mission of the Galactic Accord to bring all life together under one accord.

But ending death itself is no easy task, and in the Outer Planes the beings and thoughts of pure nothingness and death stirred. They would not be ejected from existence easily, and to teach the Kalashtar the error of their hubris then struck them down, all at once, with a single psionic bolt. No one knows of this however, and so the Ophan blame the Seraph for tampering with the fabric of the universe, while the Seraph blame the Ophan as any spell targeting an entire race of beings would be Divine in nature. The Eldrassil, however, blamed the Iwa, for all of the Kalashtar were seemingly struck down not soon after the Iwa were given psionic potential, and everyone knows how tricky and full of pranks the Iwa are. No one in the Accord will admit this fact, but it is largely assumed (even by the Iwa themselves.)

After the Kalashtar died the Galactic Accord decided that all other races are to be brought into the fold after extremely careful consideration as well as a lengthy and difficult test. The Budai, Kurma and Laka have all passed this test, while a few others have died or been destroyed. Humanity is the latest of races to be considered for joining the Galactic Accord, and so all eyes are watching the Earth. Eyes in space and the Outer Plane.

The Galactic Accord

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